Sabado, Marso 24, 2012

more FUN with Colors

pen-and-ink has been my style in sketching since college. although i have tried using chalk pastels and colored pencils+markers in some of my plates and other works, i still prefer to create monochrome drawings.

as i remember in one of my subjects in college, we were compelled to submit a watercolor drawing. it was a struggle for me then to use a watercolor; i got a not-so-bad constructive criticism from my professor. from then on, i did not attempt to create watercolor drawings but instead focus on my forte [the monochrome pen-and-ink].

until such time that i became a part of the Urban Sketchers Philippines and i met my co-sketchers who are great watercolor artists. it's nice to know that each of us has unique styles in interpreting our live sketches.

i was encouraged to use watercolor -- i think it's time to make a transition, do some new things which can help me improve as a sketch artist. why not give it a try :)

my first attempt [it's been almost seven years since i last use watercolor for my drawing]

during coffee break at the office [another attempt at watercolor]

did some outdoor practice [live sketch using watercolor]

after several attempts, BIG thanks to my co-sketchers who helped me REcall the basics of watercolor [i think, i got the right brush strokes then ahaha]

Sabado, Pebrero 25, 2012

Sketching at the Orchestra Concert

24 February 2012
Francisco Santiago Hall - BDO Corporate Center
Makati Avenue, Makati City

it was another great experience that i had the chance to watch an Orchestra Concert and sketch them while performing. the thought of sketching the performers was at first, difficult for me since they are all moving. but when i landed the pen on the paper, i just let my eyes do its task of observing while my hands do the rest of the work. good thing, the lights did not went out and i had the convenience of seeing them perform even in dimmed lights. i had seen several orchestra concerts and it's always never a boring experience. listening to the music keeps my momentum, which helped me came up with several sketches.

after the concert, there held a free dinner for all of us guests and i'm lucky to have the chance to approach the main artists and have them signed my work for their autographs. they were surprised and overwhelmed to see the sketches. we had pep talk then; me and my co-sketcher was also able to promote our art group. we told them about some of our good times together and our manifesto of doing on-location drawings.

i wish to have more experience like this in the future!

The Event
Music Conductor, Chino Toledo
Violinist, Michael Emery
Cellist, Ann Alton

Escolta, Revisited

04 February 2012

our first sketch walk during the Love month.

it's always a gloomy weather whenever i go back to Manila, but this couldn't stop my desire of  going back to the place. Manila has a lot to offer -- and Escolta is one of them. it has been a favorite location for movies, tv commercials and photo-shoots. who wouldn't love to see the old buildings lined up and imagine you're in one of the streets in Paris perhaps [Manila was once quoted, "The Paris of the Orient" during the 1800's].

during the morning, we placed ourselves at different spots for our target subjects to sketch. until we had our last stop at the Capitol Theater. by afternoon, enjoyed a lunch date at Meisun Tea House (former MXT) at Ongpin Street in Binondo which is just few walks from Escolta.

Linggo, Enero 22, 2012

Manila Bay at Harbor Square

greetings of Happy New Year to everyone! :)

our group, Urban Sketchers Philippines held our first session for 2012 last January 21 at Harbor Square [Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex], just near the Manila Yacht Club. we started the day by gathering ourselves at Starbucks Coffee [sipping hot coffee or cold frappe plus a bite of cinnamon bread or from a slice of cake helped to give good mood to some of our members]. while the others positioned themselves in some spots where they got their choice of subjects. it's always a nice feeling when spectators [families, passerby's, tourists, etc] appreciate what we're doing -- not to mention inspiring and encouraging others to join our group. by noon, we had a sumptuous lunch date together at Pancake House, discussed some of our plans for this year and shared our views regarding how we can encourage more sketchers to join in our group.

we made ourselves busy, for we all agreed to start the year right by being active members in our group. we look forward to many sketchcrawl sessions and many members to come, who share the same passion -- seeing the world one drawing at a time through sketching! :)

Lunes, Enero 16, 2012

USKPh went Duo!

late post [26.11.2011]

BER months are indeed, crazy months -- everyone's so busy!

due to short notice announcement, our group, Urban Sketchers Philippines [] wasn't able to manage a FULL sketchcrawl session. still fortunate, Buz [] and I were able to make it last November 26. it was a privilege for me to tour Buz around the city center and check out some significant landmarks there such as the Pasig Museum [a 1937 Neo-Classical Old mansion formerly owned by Don Fortunato Concepcion, a native Pasiguenio], Pasig City Hall and the Bahay na Tisa [170-year old house, the oldest in Pasig still owned by the 6th generation Tech Family]. Buz was also able to visit the 400-year old church, the Immaculate Conception Cathedral [or known as Pasig Cathedral] and one of my favorite buildings, the Mutya ng Pasig Revolving Tower [an Avant-Garde building built in the 1960's]

FIRST OF FIRSTS. it was first time that USKPh had it's smallest turnout [Buz+Me]; first time that a sketching session turned into mini-educational tour [yes, i'm the tour-guide haha]; first time for Buz to eat Inasal Chicken [Bacolod-origin recipe that is grilled chicken soaked in a well seasoned marinade]; first time for Buz to ride in a Jeepney; and have a glimpse at our Palengke [Public Market]. it was also his first time to pass through the elevated walkway and my first time to bring a co-sketcher to our office and at the roof garden of our office building. moreover, meeting the sixth generation owners of the Bahay na Tisa was also a first time for my colleague. 

Linggo, Enero 8, 2012

Caricatures versus Real Pictures

it's been ages since i last sketched a caricature; if i remember well, that was when i was in grade school, where i was a cartoonist in for our newsletter -- i've been joining inter-school competitions then for the editorial cartooning category [don't mind asking if won or not ahaha]

through the years, i saw different sketches of different styles which used different techniques [they're many to mention and i know most of you are familiar with those]

here's the most recent caricature i did for my friends who had their wedding last 27 December 2011. they asked me to do not-so-serious portrait which took me several days to finish due to several reasons [time constraints, mood, and the like]. 

it's always a nice feeling when people appreciate your work. i received good feedbacks with the sketch i did for the newly-weds. i find it more personalized than the usual pre-nuptial pictures which we often see :) 

Linggo, Oktubre 23, 2011

Walled City Revisited

a fine Saturday morning it was and thank God for a good weather for another monthly sketchcrawl session with my Urban Sketchers group. Intramuros, then was our venue. we REvisited some spots within the "walled city" and we're able to sketch at least three statues present: Statue of King Carlos IV of Spain in Plaza de Roma, Statue of Queen Isabela II at the entrance of Puerta Isabela II and Statue of Philip II of Spain

it was also a surprise that day to be reunited with my mentor, Architect Pinoy, as he joined us in our activity. i hope to see him again in our next sessions.